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December 1, 2023 in News

High-efficiency LASER WELDING from DeBulCo

High-efficiency LASER WELDING from DeBulCo

Handheld LASER WELDING Machine

DeBulCo’s machine park boasts a number of modern machines for metalworking. Some of them are the welding machines already in service. The machine is designed for welding, cutting, cleaning details, deburring. Using a laser beam for welding increases the method’s precision and speed. This laser technology enables DeBulCo to weld various materials: non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper or bronze can be welded, as well as steel of different brands and sizes. Heating and deformation in the zone of the welding seam are minimal.

The machine features the latest generation Maxphotonics fiber laser source with laser power of 1500W, which can be adjusted according to the type of processing. The fiber laser source, whose laser diodes have a lifetime in the range of 100,000 hours, ensures high stability and excellent beam quality.

The machine is equipped with a laser head, which stands out with a patented lens drive mechanism and electronic oscillation of the laser beam. The laser head has a protective glass and water cooling provided by an external Fanuci Chiller. This ensures good cooling of the machine and protection against mechanical damage and contamination thus extending its life cycle.

The laser machine has a fully automatic wire feeder with “pull” or “push” feeding modes of the welding wire with a diameter of 0.8 to 1.6 mm, which ensures perfect synchronization.

The machine is controlled by an integrated control system, which has an intuitive interface and is easy to use for machine operators. The touch screen enables users to set the working parameters according to their needs. Operators can upload ready-made programs for a specific weld type or material according to the production profile.

Advantages of LASER WELDING

DeBulCo considers the automation and optimization of production processes to be key importance. For that reason, we invest in innovative and high-tech solutions for our equipment so as to ensure the high efficiency and high quality of production. Compared to other welding methods, LASER WELDING is more flexible, more efficient and facilitates the work process.

High efficiency

Manual laser beam welding is a preferred welding method due to the high efficiency and stability of the work process. The fiber optic laser source ensures the constant and stable power of the laser beam in the welding zone. That is why LASER WELDING is a preferred method compared to other welding methods.

Wide application of the method

The adjustment of laser power creates extreme flexibility for the different types of processing according to the production needs. Therefore, LASER WELDING is suitable for a wide range of materials and thickness parameters.

High quality of processing

Fiber laser technology continues to be refined and developed. The most recent model achieves exceptional output power and quality of the beam thus resulting in high quality of the processing. LASER WELDING is also a guarantee for the precision of the welding process, despite the high working speed. The weld seam is durable and without deformation, therefore no mechanical or heat treatment is required after the welding process.

High productivity

LASER WELDING with FANUCI 3.0 Pro GenX Compact enables 2 to 10 times higher process speed compared to traditional welding methods. Moreover, the machine can operate in non-stop operation mode. These characteristics are of great importance to DeBulCo, as thus we can generate larger volumes of production, while at the same time minimizing production costs.

Saving costs

Thanks to the high speed of the method, the machine can save the costs for at least 2 operators per year. Thus, the technology of manual LASER WELDING is more economical and features low operating costs and minimal maintenance. This significantly reduces production costs, which is of great importance for the price of the product and the competitiveness of the company on the market.

If you want to learn more about DeBulCo services, contact us by sending an email to info@debulco.bg or call 0888 703887.

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