Spot welding


The company has an automatic high-performance CNC welding machine SCHLATTER MG900 for wire mesh manufacture, producing different types of meshes, grids, wire baskets, etc. Diameter of wire used: Ø2.5 mm to Ø10 mm.

Ideal CSR 102

CNC Jig welding machine Ideal CSR 102 for flexible manufacture and combination of wire and sheet metal products.

Robotic Welding

Welding Robot FANUC (Japan)

An 8-axis robotic welding cell of the Japanese company FANUC. Fully automated robotic welding by MIG and TIG methods.

Welding robot DAIHEN (Japan)

An 8-axis robotic welding cell of the Japanese company DAIHEN. Complex parts are welded quickly and with high quality, both by the MIG and TIG methods. A novelty is the automatic tool changer, which allows both welding methods to be used in one program.

Robotic grinding

Double belt CNC grinding machine Peitzmeier (D) + Robot FANUC (Japan)

Fully automated cell for robotic grinding of details. Welded parts with complex shapes up to 3 m and weighing up to 150 kg can be ground. Excellent and consistent finish quality is achieved.

MIG/WIG welding

Kemppi (FI)

Manual welding by MIG, WIG methods.