DeBulCo OOD employs highly qualified professionals for every stage of the production process and maintains advanced equipment with diverse technical options. The production cycle has been developed on the basis of years of experience and ensures that every order is professionally fulfilled from the conception phase to the delivery of the product to the customer.

Production process

Advising the customer

During this stage, individual consultations for each project are held to guarantee a perfect end product. These include initial discussions with the customers to identify their needs, to understand where, how and for what purposes the respective product will be used. This allows DeBulCo OOD experts to provide the optimal solution specially tailored to the needs of the individual customer.


Conceptual design

A sketch of the project is drawn by hand to match the customer’s objectives and the technical production capacities available. The main details inherent in the production phase are specified. Appropriate adjustments are made to optimize the final price or the production cycle. This stage involves the specification of the basic details to outline the production cycle, the assembly of the respective item and its delivery.


Design and development

At this stage, DeBulCo OOD experts prepare sketches, drawings and specifications for the respective product. This stage involves pinpointing all elements and production phases and preparing a project for developing a prototype.


Developing a Prototype

The team of specialists in the the DeBulCo OOD production facility produce the first pilot unit of the new product to present it to the customer for approval. If necessary, corrections are made and parts of the product are improved to meet the customer’s requirements.


Mass production

After the approval of the prototype, the project proceeds to mass production. The production process is strictly adhered to and the quality of the final product is guaranteed so as to meet the customer’s requirements.



Keeping the deadlines set for the production, DeBulCo OOD guarantees high quality and timely delivery of the finished goods to locations specified by the customer.