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February 19, 2024 in News

DeBulCo with a new laser engraving machine

DeBulCo with a new laser engraving machine

As a company focused on continuous development and process optimization, we at DeBulCo have once again implemented an innovative machine into our production. This time it is for laser engraving.

The marking lasers are a professional addition to the market and to DeBulCo’s work processes in terms of variety of functions, and at the same time they have a very low energy consumption.

The machine easily handles most metallic and non-metallic materials, and this makes it ideal for use on a range of products such as precision tools, circuit boards, hardware, accessories, construction materials, etc.

Why did we choose Camellon KM-3030-F30?

  • Open model machine for fiber laser marking through fast marking and high efficiency.
  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency.
  • Perfect marking effect.
  • Integrated structure, small and compact size, compact layout and easy transportation.
  • Ability to engrave rotary workpieces by an additional rotary axis.

There are many advantages of integrating this type of machine into DeBulCo’s workflows. We can start with the high engraving speed combined with lower costs. This is due to the innovative technology of the laser as well as the increased power. Thanks to the higher speed of operation, the machine helps us to increase our capacity significantly, and this results in much higher productivity compared to the current methods we used. Last but not least, the resolution of the print can be of extremely high quality.

Another major advantage is lower costs. The Camellon KM-3030-F30 is a highly efficient machine that consumes much less electricity than other similar ones, but this in no way affects its productivity. Till now the engraving function of powerful sheet cutting lasers has been used. This process consumes machine time of expensive machines, is not energy efficient, and the precision of the engraving is not always as the required quality.

Of course, there are also a number of other advantages which include reduced start-up time, more space since the machine occupies very little floor space and last but not least – green practices.

And what is the advantage for our customers?

Thanks to our new investment, namely the laser engraving machine, we at DeBulCo have greater flexibility, capacity and excellent quality in engraving both flat and rotary parts. Our customers can count on even faster deliveries and better prices.

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